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What is Management Control software?


Management control software concerns all IT solutions that facilitate the work of individuals in charge of management control within a company. They make it possible to eliminate certain routine tasks but also to develop a more in-depth analysis of the company's performance.

Firstly, ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) facilitate the preparation of budgets, performance monitoring, harmonization, and transmission of information within a company.

Then, more specific tools help the management controller in certain aspects of his work. Among them we can mention :

  • Expense management software

  • Payslip verification software

  • Planning tools

  • Financial management control software that allows scenario modeling

  • Compliance tools: tax regulations, safety rules, etc.

How does it work?

Management control tools enable companies to exploit all of their financial data. In interaction with accounting and payroll tools, etc., the software aggregates the data into dashboards with customized indicators.

In the case of budgeting, the user enters key information into the software: forecasts of purchases, sales, salaries, miscellaneous expenses, etc. The software automatically draws up various budgets (supplies, sales, investments, etc.). All the user has to do is to develop scenarios, analyze them, and choose the most relevant one. Predictive analysis tools applied to financial management are interesting to measure the credibility of each scenario. Reports can then be produced and exported in a format chosen by the user (Word, Excel, PDF).

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