Contentsquare: in summary

Contentsquare is a software allowing companies to understand the behaviour of visitors on their website. The platform analyzes the data left by visitors and gives online businesses the analysis and information they need to improve the customer experience, and ultimately their sales. 

A platform specialised in the analysis of customer behaviour

Contentsquare is able to track customer's browsing paths on a website. Indeed the software monitors, with the help of Heatmaps, which tabs people click on, whether it is on a computer or smartphone. This allows companies to have an overview of the performance of each category, each product and their brand in general. 

In addition, it is possible to identify friction points and any errors that may exist, as well as their impact on customer journey. As a result, companies can understand how visitors interact with elements of the website.


  • analysis of the customer experience on a website
  • click and scroll analysis
  • Understand the points of improvement to boost the turnover
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