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Data analytics software is beginning to gain momentum in project management. These analytical tools automatically process files and documents, saving a company time.

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BIC Process Mining

Keep track of your digital processes

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Predictive Data Analysis for Business Experts

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Insights automates marketing reporting

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Customized software for managing action plans

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The most compelling AI software firm on customer engagement

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Security assessment new generation

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Mapp Intelligence

Customer Insights and Predictive Analytics

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Location Intelligence Platform

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Design, publish and share your dashboards online in no time

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Reveal hidden facts with location intelligence

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European Leader for Push Notifications (App, Web & Facebook)

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Data Collection - Web Analytics - Attribution - DMP

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Data catalog with data recognition algorithms

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Smarter Segmentation

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Decision-making management and SME/ETI management dashboard

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Business Dashboards and Data analysis

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Data Analytics Software

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What is online data analysis software?


Data analysis software such as Bime Analytics can transform complex data into easy-to-understand information. They are used to automate the appearance of patterns or trends and thus facilitate decision-making. 

How does it work?

The software collects data that are then processed by a set of algorithms. The results are established in the form of curves or graphs such as a histogram. This solution includes various statistical analysis tools, visualization services and information modeling, allowing you to work on a single platform.

To use the software, you will first have to subscribe to a supplier. Once the subscription is complete, the user can explore his documents at any time. With a Cloud Computing backup system, it is possible to access data from any browser connected to the Internet. 

What are the main features of SaaS data analysis software? 

In general, SaaS data analysis software has a variety of features that vary depending on the model. Nevertheless, below are the most common ones: 

Data cleaning 

Before proceeding with the analysis and visualization of the raw data, it is necessary to clean them. This type of software allows the automation of this task. The data are arranged in the form of spreadsheets and graphs which will then be processed by the tool itself and/or by a data analyst.  

Data processing 

This type of software allows the processing of transactional data such as sales invoices and cash register receipts, thus facilitating accounting. It also supports the use of non-operational data such as sales and macroeconomic data. The same applies to metadata such as texts. 

Data analysis

The processed data inform the researcher about the behaviour and expectations of consumers or potential buyers. This information makes it possible to capture the specific characteristics of a market and identify its attractiveness.

Who uses data analysis software? 

Data analysis software is intended for all people looking for a tool capable of automating a cross-tab: political scientists, researchers, self entrepreneurs. It is also a technology designed for small and large companies to enable them to manage their projects. Data analysis software is essential for creating business intelligence solutions that meet the user's requirements. 

Why use online data analysis software in a company? 


  • This software solves various problems such as fraud detection and customer-supplier relationship management.
  • It is a tool that can scan data sets in a short period of time. It also ensures the import of data regardless of the file format. 
  • It will be able to process an infinite number of measurements in a few seconds, which will facilitate market research and quickly make the project operational. 
  • This software contains several terms and conditions. It includes statistical tools. It also makes it possible to carry out a qualitative analysis. With such technology, the company has an ideal tool for its research.
  • With data analysis software, the company will be able to share documents with other networked companies.
  • The tool includes features similar to those of a Big Data, which allows the user to have the necessary information to obtain the full decision-making potential.  


  • Free versions of data analysis software often offer limited functionality, identical to Excel processing.

How to choose data analysis software? 

  • Depending on its functionalities: before choosing the tool that will analyze its data, it is necessary to determine the company's needs. In the case of a large structure, it is essential to install a programmed software to take into account all the necessary information. In particular, it must be able to process statistical links. 
  • Depending on security: since company dashboards are confidential, it is important to ensure that the tool will protect data with an infallible level of security. 
  • Depending on the cost: it is not necessary to invest in expensive software if the company only needs a basic tool. There are a surprising number of low-cost software packages available for data visualization and statistical analysis. However, it is advisable to choose professional versions in order to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this type of software.  

The best free and open-source data analysis software 

There are many online data processing software programs. Among those offered free or open-source, we find: 

  • Geckboard
  • Kpitaine
  • Protovis
  • QDAMiner
  • Talend

The most popular professional data analysis software

For self-employed, freelance and independent entrepreneurs 

  • Datawrapper
  • Databox
  • SPAD

For Startups

  • Dataiku
  • Data Predictor
  • Cyfe 

For VSEs 

  • Chartio
  • Zoho Reports
  • FlexPro
  • Vizzboard

For SMEs

  • Bittle Solutions
  • Corico
  • ClicData

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