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Mind mapping is a category of analytics software designed to help employees of an organization understand complex topics. In the modern world of Big Data interconnections and frequent work interruptions, we cannot help but wonder why other organizations do not use such products.

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The mind mapping software guide

Mind mapping software helps you to better understand new ideas, prioritize the steps of a project or even make links between thoughts, in this new way of sorting your ideas. 

In the form of a mental map, also known as mind maps, mind mapping gives you a clearer view of your projects by projecting it visually. Illustrating ideas is the best way not to forget them and to be able to make them evolve through a freer and more fluid structure.

What is mind mapping?

Tony Buzan, an English psychologist, is the creator of mind mapping and assumed that the brain works with associations (images, smells, words, music...). He imagined mental maps as tools for reflection, understanding, and collaboration. 

Presented in the form of a tree structure for a better circulation of ideas, mind mapping structures thought from a main idea associated with secondary ideas and the relationships between them. Information is structured and organized according to others. 

Mind mapping suggests a more dynamic visualization and combines data into a single mental map. The heuristic diagram brings a different vision and a more intuitive point of view to a subject. It is widely used in teaching for memorization and structuring of thought. But it has also had an impact on the business world through visual management. 

The mind map can be created on a sheet of paper but you will quickly see the limits of this way of making your mind map. To meet the need for freedom of ideas and constant evolution of information, IT suppliers have devised mind mapping software. 

What are the functionalities offered by mind mapping software?

Mind mapping software does not limit your way of thinking. It gives you a playful and dynamic support to prioritize your ideas or notes. Creating a mind map during brainstorming is ideal for materializing all the information and linking it together. 

To choose your mind mapping and mind mapping software, take the time to test it and check that it has certain features:

  • Ergonomics: the mind map software should be easy to use on a daily basis, otherwise you may quickly leave it behind.
  • User-friendly and pleasant: If you often have to work with mental map software, choose a pleasing one. Especially if you need to do a brainstorming session or plan your mind map, don't neglect the aesthetic aspect. 
  • The range of models available: Vary the pleasures and choose different representations according to the subjects.
  • Export and import: It is important to know if you can use your concept map with other software such as Word, Excel or Power Point. 
  • The different possible representations: in the form of a map, organization chart, Gantt chart, or Power Point. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Collaborative work: being able to work alone, with colleagues next to you or on the other side of the world.

Why is mind mapping software interesting for your company?

Mind mapping is an ideal concept to give free rein to the imagination and then synthesize ideas. It offers you the advantage to:

  • Work more pleasantly and efficiently with your colleagues;
  • Materialize your own ideas to prioritize;
  • Better manage your projects in groups
  • Integrate new ideas and develop conceptual representation;
  • Make a project clearer by adding images or icons;
  • Memorize information more easily;
  • Respond to the complexity of different visions. We don't all think the same way.
  • Give an impulse to your teams.

Free and open source software or paid software?

There are free software versions of mind maps. They may be sufficient for the use you will make of them. Consider using platforms such as Pearltrees, Freemind map or MindManager. They provide you with the basic functions to design your first mind map and test the concept. If you feel that you have more advanced needs, consider investing in paid mind mapping software. 

Give your ideas another dimension by trying mind mapping with mental map software! In a team or alone with yourself, the visual representation of ideas in the form of mind maps is recommended in order to structure the information and generate clear and fluid ideas. 

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