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What is Segment? 

Segment is a platform that helps companies put their customers first, through a customer data platform; which collects users information from websites and mobile applications providing complete data reports to the different departments of a company. 

"IBM increased 70% in revenue by using Segments' customer messaging for a three month pilot program"

How does Segment work? 

Marketing: Unifies customers preferences into one profile, helping companies personalize customer interactions by allowing them to meet users expectations.

Product: Enables different product analytic software in one platform, allowing more effective data collection, helping the company be more efficient in decision-making about teams and customers by creating the right product for the consumer.

Engineering: This platform provides a better way to collect data by using only one API cleaner code to collect analytic data, enabling the user a more efficient and less time-consuming form of data management

“Segment allows us to smoothly handle the disparate datasets we use. With real-time integrated data flows, we can truly understand what people are doing with our platform. It doesn’t matter where you look at the data, with Segment, it’s always consistent.”

Nic Sauriol
IBM Software Development Leader

Segment guarantees the best platform experience by specializing in 4 main features :

Functions: Enables the company to customize their data source by connecting different applications to the same platform for a synthesize data organization

Warehouses: Helps the companies with a data warehouse for advanced analytics without the integration costs by loading the costumers' data into the platform of choice

Privacy: Guarantees that the costumers' data will be confidential with real-time tracking of the costumers compiled data and privacy controls for customization according to companies privacy policies

GDPR: Easily manage user deletion in Segment and other destinations by simple request; also offering visibility of deletion status

Join 20,000+ businesses that use Segment's software and APIs to collect, clean, and control their customer data.

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Strengths of Segment

  • Unique approach to privacy by real time data management
  • Single platform to collect and manage all user data
  • Easily transform and load cotumer data
  • Certifications: TRUSTe

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