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Software for non-profit organizations makes it possible to address the very specific needs of associations and NGOs such as donation management or volunteer organizations. Create your own online software comparisons to make the right choice.

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Management Software Designed for Associations 

Association Management Systems (AMS) provides membership associations a feature to interact and supervise members of the association. The capabilities of an AMS include storing member information in a database, collecting and managing members' financial contributions, organizing association events, and providing a platform for communicating with members. These products can also allow users to create, publish, and distribute content to the association; manage certifications and provide a self-service portal for new members to register and access information.

AMS can be used by an organization of teachers, parents or non-profit organizations, among others.

An AMS can integrate with other types of software to perform specific tasks at a higher level. For example, CRM platforms store members' information to keep records of financial contributions. Others may be suitable for non-profit organizations or fundraising platforms.

Association solutions

Online self-employed software makes it possible to work more effectively and efficiently with solutions that are suitable for everyone. These tools make it easier to create quotes, invoices and automates accounting.

A Nonprofit Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Organization. Find and compare Nonprofit Software for your business.

Are you in charge of an association? Do you have to manage accounting, registrations, set up an internal social network, etc.? Don't panic!

With an association management software, you will be able to manage all tasks related to your organization. Find and compare the best association management software for your business.

Startup management tools can substantially improve your company's performance. These software can simplify accounting and improve customer service.

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