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What is Cisco Spark?

Cisco Spark is a cloud based software with a main goal of making collaboration between a team and a company as productive and easy as possible. It has various functions that can make your business more efficient. This software continuously updates their service in order to offer the best possible collaboration tools on premise.

Why switch to Cisco Spark?

Migrating to Cisco Spark will allow you to fully develop your company, increase employee productivity, and help employees communicate and collaborate. This software grants you the ability to have uninterrupted, stable meetings in any communication channel such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and phone calls. Due to the collaboration platform making online meetings feasible, the company can hire the best employees from around the world instead of focusing on hiring at their location.  It also gives you the tools necessary to exchange messages and files with whoever you want. With a single click, you can connect with anyone by utilizing their calling functionalities.

Integrating the Cisco Spark solution will allow you to have unified communications, helping your employees create a better customer relationship which in turn will create an increase in customer loyalty.


  • All of the integrations can be customized to your company’s needs.
  • Incredibly safe and reliable due to having one of the largest networks.
  • Do not have to hire anyone to handle the system because of the simple and easy to use design
  • Services can be added in the cloud, on demand, or on premises.

Advantages of Cisco Spark

  • HD video call
  • Virtual meetings
  • Interoperability
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