Tweppy Metodo e Strumento: in summary

Tweppy is an organizational solution for SMEs that allows you to better manage communications, team collaboration, processes, tasks, appointments and contacts.

The benefits are increased productivity and efficiency of all employees, monitoring and coordination of activities and of the team, immediate order in internal and external communications, the ability to track and share all business information within a single tool, as well as process improvement through standardization and automation.

Features of Tweppy: Method and Tool

Order in communications

No more email clutter. Forget about the dozens of emails forwarded or in CC every day. Tweppy replaces your email client (it works with any type of mailbox), allowing you to share any communication with your team in 1 click.

No more using paper notes and scattered instant messaging. Just create a note, which can be shared internally in the same way as an email. Moreover, thanks to the internal chat you can discuss in real time with your collaborators, with reference to a specific activity.

In short, all communications take place in a single tool, in an orderly way!

Monitor and coordinate your activities and your team

Assign tasks to your collaborators (or to yourself), indicating exactly what to do, deadline and level of urgency. When a task assigned by you is completed, you'll automatically receive a notification.

In addition, through intuitive dashboards and programmable reports, you can keep an eye on the progress of activities and business KPIs.

Tracking and sharing

All company information and communications take place and are saved within a single tool, allowing you to always have all the data at hand and share them in 1 click.

Even the activities carried out by employees are automatically tracked by the tool, as well as the interactions of the recipients of your communications, creating data certainty.

Process Efficiency

Make your processes more efficient through standardization and automation. Define your processes in a simple interface; once a process is established, Tweppy can automatically assign tasks to the right people and share all the necessary information.

Define standardized email templates and add custom feedback buttons: if the recipient clicks on them, Tweppy automatically generates notifications and assignments.

Using the memorandum feature, you can automatically send reminders to your contacts when you expect feedback by a set date.

The Project for the Success of your SME

Tweppy is a complete organizational solution for your SME, including not only the software, but also a working Method and our Best Practices.

Each Project includes unlimited organizational and process consulting, as well as specific training to optimize Team Working, with consequent benefits on productivity and work well-being (even in Smart Working!).

Each client is assigned a dedicated Senior Consultant, with experience in his field of activity and in change management, who configures the tool according to the real needs and processes of the organization. This allows to minimize the time needed to bring the project to full implementation, as well as to manage any form of internal resistance to change.

Its benefits

Significantly improves productivity, even remotely

Manage communications, tasks, processes, teams, contacts

Organizational and process consulting included


Tweppy Metodo e Strumento: its rates and features

On demand
Data Import/Export
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Add Notes by Email
Calendar Syncing
Create Tasks by Email
Group Management
Meeting Management

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