Vani: in summary

Vani is a visual collaboration platform where teams create, meet, and work together.

It's where teammates brainstorm for ideas, come up with plans, and work on mockups over a shared online whiteboard. You can quickly get your team started on common product development processes, marketing exercises, checklists, and process flowcharts with a handful of ready-made templates.

Express your ideas visually by creating diagrams, mind maps, wireframes, or storyboards. And embed documents, spreadsheets, images, and videos, from Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Figma and other platforms so you have all your work in one place.

It's super easy to hop over a video call with your teammates and follow each other's live cursors, drop comments, and react with emojis on the fly—it's like being in the same room, but better.

Whether you're a marketing team working on your next big campaign, a product team preparing for a launch, or a design studio working on a creative, Vani helps you simplify collaboration with cross-functional teams and helps you go faster from idea to finished product.

Start for free with unlimited shared Spaces to grow your biggest and brightest ideas.

Its benefits

Online Whiteboard

Mind Mapping


Infinite Canvas

In-built video conferencing

Vani - Video
Vani - Create, meet, and work together over a shared infinite canvas
Vani - Ready-made Kits and templates to get your team started
Vani - Create diagrams, mind maps, wireframes, and storyboards
Vani - Embed live content from Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Figma, and more
Vani - Collaborate with teammates, just like in real life
Vani - Go from idea to finished product faster

Vani: its rates

/month /user

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