wethod: in summary

A complete management tool that addresses companies that work mainly on projects, such as:

  • Creative and marketing agencies

  • Consulting companies

  • Architecture, design and engineering studios

wethod is a platform that gives you a 360 ° view of the company, made up of four modules:

  • An easy to use CRM to let you care about your pipeline of opportunities and pre-sale projects
  • A project management system to estimate project budget, plan your team, track activities and monitor progress
  • A business intelligence module to verify the feasibility and productivity of your project portfolio
  • A financial statement analysis to take promtly decisions based on real costs and marginality

Why wehtod?

To get agile and responsive management, able to adapt to the speed of modern times thanks to:

  • The elimination of control costs: the system is already internally interconnected between CRM, project management and income statement so that you won't need to pay for different platforms
  • Insight-rich pages: get timely insight into sales performance, project productivity, project portfolio progress, and team distribution.
  • Flexibility and ease of use: discover an user-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to use even for those who are not experts in project management

But moreover because wethod is not just another project management software:

It promotes a new approach to modern management, responsible, shared and reliable, enhancing project management skills throughout the team. The system is designed to encourage the team in the individual and shared management of projects and to promote professional growth.

Its benefits

Integration of CRM, project management, insight, financials

Workflow automation and real-time data

Flexible and customizable platform


wethod - Video
wethod - Manage your pipeline opportunities keeping track of each status and never miss on leads!
wethod - Manage project portfolio with an integrated view of the main project information and track the status of risk
wethod - Manage task, deliverables and milestones with boards, assign activities to each member and track project roadmap.
wethod - Estimate project budget without doing any calculations: fill in the resources needed and wethod will do it for you!
wethod - Plan your team on project, find the right person to involve with filters and discover who is available to get on board!
wethod - Register budget consumption thanks to an easy and intuitive timesheet page.
wethod - You can use the automatic project progress or decide to track the risk by evaluating its advancement.
wethod - Project report gives you a 360° overview of the situation: check budget consumption and progress, internal and external costs sustained, control invoices and orders and discover the hours worked by each person on the project.
wethod - Weekly briefing is a narrative report that comes out every monday morning to give you insight about company performance.
wethod - Discover insight about the value of production, distributed monthly and detailed by clients and projects.
wethod - You can check the skills developed by each person by enabling the project and team review.
wethod - Discover the distribution of language spoken, skills and interests of the team and find the missing champion in your squad.
wethod - Schedule the invoice plan for each project: wethod will remind you when to send invoices.

wethod: its rates

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