Zoho Sign: in summary

Zoho Sign simplifies document signing for individuals and businesses by allowing electronic signatures, document templates, and signature workflows.

Zoho Sign lets individuals and businesses of all sizes electronically sign and manage documents. For those who want to avoid in-person signatures, it simplifies document signing.

Zoho Sign has three advantages over other software: Efficiency, Mobility, Security

What are the main features of Zoho Sign ?

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures are a key feature of Zoho Sign, enabling users to sign and send documents for signature electronically.

  • Sign and send documents: Zoho Sign allows users to sign and send documents for signature from anywhere, at any time, eliminating the need for physical signatures.
  • Customizable signature fields: Users can add signature fields to documents, allowing multiple parties to sign the same document in a specific order.
  • Secure and legally binding: Zoho Sign provides a secure and legally binding solution for electronic signatures, ensuring the validity of signed documents.

By providing the ability to sign and send documents, customizable signature fields, and a secure and legally binding solution, Zoho Sign's electronic signature feature simplifies the signature process and makes it more convenient for users.

Document management

Document management is a core aspect of Zoho Sign, providing users with a secure and convenient way to store and manage signed documents.

  • Store and manage documents: Zoho Sign offers a centralized location to store and manage signed documents, making it easy for users to access their signed documents from anywhere, at any time.
  • Document tracking: Zoho Sign provides real-time tracking of signed documents, allowing users to monitor the status of their documents and keep track of who has signed them.
  • Security and compliance: Zoho Sign provides a secure and compliant solution for document management, with features such as SSL encryption and ISO 27001 certification.

By offering a centralized location to store and manage documents, real-time document tracking, and a secure and compliant solution, Zoho Sign's document management feature helps users simplify and streamline their document management processes.

Integration and workflows

Integration and workflows are key features of Zoho Sign, providing users with the ability to integrate Zoho Sign with other tools and automate their signature processes.

  • Integration with other tools: Zoho Sign integrates with other tools, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Google Drive, allowing users to manage their signature processes within the context of their workflows.
  • Automated workflows: Zoho Sign provides the ability to automate signature workflows, such as sending documents for signature automatically, and triggering notifications when documents are signed.
  • Customizable templates: Users can create custom templates for their signature processes, streamlining their signature workflows and reducing the time and effort required to sign documents.

By offering integration with other tools, the ability to automate workflows, and customizable templates, Zoho Sign's integration and workflow feature helps users streamline and simplify their signature processes, saving time and improving efficiency.

Zoho Sign - Screenshot 1
Zoho Sign - Screenshot 1
Zoho Sign - Screenshot 1

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