SignNow: in summary

SignNow is a versatile eSignature and document management platform, ideal for small to large enterprises (2-5000+ employees) across various sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Real Estate, Education, Nonprofit, Government, and Construction.

Key strengths include:

  • legally binding eSignatures,
  • conditional workflows for efficient document processing,
  • rapid document sharing,
  • customizable templates,
  • and custom branding.

Its advanced security features ensure a safe, compliant environment for digital transactions.
Additionally, SignNow's robust API integration streamlines the incorporation of eSignatures into existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

The platform tackles common challenges such as slow eSignature apps, resource wastage, data entry errors, and delays in obtaining multiple signatures. By facilitating efficient collaboration and reducing paper dependency, SignNow is pivotal for businesses aiming to optimize their document handling and signing processes.

It primarily addresses the needs of business owners, HR, sales, operations, educators, realtors, and legal officers.

Its benefits

Streamlines document signing processes

Reduces time and enhances productivity

Legally valid e-signatures on all devices

Its disadvantages

Advanced features only available at Premium plan or higher

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Appvizer's opinion

In our assessment of SignNow, we were particularly impressed with its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality. The platform offers a balance of essential features without overburdening us with complexities or excessive costs. The eSignature feature is remarkably easy to use, legally compliant, and adaptable to a wide range of file formats, making it ideal for various business contexts.

Then, the conditional workflow feature of SignNow greatly enhanced our document processing experience. This capability allowed us to automate and customize document routes, significantly improving our operational efficiency. And, the quick document sharing and the option to create reusable templates streamlined our workflow, saving us time and effort in document preparation.

However, we did observe that direct editing of text in uploaded documents was not possible, which required some additional steps for pre-editing documents before uploading them to SignNow. This aspect, while not a dealbreaker, is an area where SignNow could enhance its user experience.

Overall, the immediate ROI, due to time savings and enhanced productivity, is a significant advantage for us!

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SignNow: its rates

SignNow offers 4 plans to match each company’s needs. Here’s a sneak peek of each of them:

  • Business - $8 per user/month
    • Ideal for small teams and basic eSignature workflows.
    • Features: Document sending for signatures, fillable basic fields, mobile application, unlimited templates, cloud storage integration.
  • Business Premium - $15 per user/month (Most Popular)
    • Suitable for medium-sized teams and branded eSignature workflows.
    • Additional Features: Reminders and notifications, bulk sending, signature link invitations, document groups, kiosk mode.
  • Enterprise - $30 per user/month
    • Designed for organizations with multiple teams and complex eSignature workflows.
    • Advanced Features: Payment requests, enhanced threat protection, signer attachments, conditional documents, smart fillable fields.
  • Business Cloud - $50 per user/month (Minimum 5 users)
    • For large specialized enterprises and automated eSignature workflows.
    • Premium Features: Complete solution suite, CRM/ERP integration, personal integration support, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, HIPAA compliance.
/month /user
Business Premium
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Clients alternatives to SignNow

SignNow: the complete test

In our hands-on examination of SignNow, we closely evaluated three of its core features: E-Signature, Workflow Automation, and Document Generation, to understand how they contribute to enhancing business document management processes.

E-Signature for a Streamlined Digital Signing Process

During our testing of SignNow, we were particularly impressed with its E-Signature feature. Its standout quality is the combination of ease of use and legal compliance. The process of adding a digital signature to a document was exceptionally straightforward.

We simply uploaded the document, created a signature box, and applied our digital signature. This feature's support for a wide range of file formats further amplifies its versatility, accommodating diverse business needs.

What truly sets it apart is its adherence to major e-signature laws like ESIGN and UETA, providing us with the assurance that our documents were not only securely signed but also legally binding and recognized globally. This feature is a significant boon for businesses looking for a reliable and compliant digital signing solution!

Workflow Automation for Time-Saving Document Management

Exploring the Workflow Automation feature in SignNow, we found it to be a pivotal tool in enhancing business efficiency. The ability to automate routine document-related tasks such as approvals, notifications, and routing was a game changer.

We were able to tailor these workflows to our specific needs, which significantly streamlined our document management process. This customization not only saved us considerable time but also noticeably reduced the potential for human error.

For businesses aiming to improve their document management efficiency and overall operational workflow, this feature of SignNow offers a substantial benefit, as we experienced firsthand.

Need Consistent and Quick Document Creation? Try Document Generation

Our experience with SignNow's Document Generation feature revealed it as an invaluable asset for quickly creating professional and consistent documents. We easily generated documents from existing templates or by merging data from various sources.

This feature proved immensely useful, especially when we needed to produce a series of similar documents, such as contracts or agreements. The speed and consistency it provided in document creation were remarkable. Some would say life-changing given the amount of documents they manage daily!

All documents we created maintained a uniform and professional look while being customized for specific purposes. This feature of SignNow ensures efficiency and uniformity in document creation, as we observed in our usage.

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