Universign: in summary

Universign, the pure-player of confidence services, is a SaaS platform for electronic signature, electronic stamp and time-stamping services.

As a qualified eIDAS Trust Service Provider, Universign secures and facilitates digital transactions in compliance with regulations.

As a guarantee of security in digital exchanges, Universign Trust Services offers the best user experience by respecting two principles of use: simplicity and compliance.

Whether it is a sales, contract, or invoicing project, Universign experts support clients in their efforts to dematerialize processes and transform uses.

As the legal keystone of digitalized subscription or contracts processes, electronic signatures are based on two strong pillars: the ability to prove the integrity of a document and the identity of the signatory. This is one of the only methods covered by the European eIDAS regulation that came into force on 1 July 2016.

Universign's role as a Trusted Third Party is to bear this legal and security responsibility in order to offer electronic signature services that give probative value to documents signed in accordance with European regulations.

Integrated into business applications, portals or e-commerce websites, electronic signatures simplify the user experience and improve productivity.

Universign in a few figures:

+ more than 3 thousand customers.

+ more than 10 million electronic signatures per year.

+ more than 50 billion timestamps per year.

Its benefits

Certifications:eIDAS, ETSI, ANSSI, GDPR

Universign: its rates

Pack de 25 signatures
/unlimited users
Pack de 50 signatures
/unlimited users
Pack de 100 signatures
/unlimited users
Pack de 500 signatures
/unlimited users
On demand

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