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Securely transfer large files with ease.

BlueFiles offers end-to-end encryption, password protection, and customizable download pages to ensure your files are safe and delivered efficiently. With no file size limits and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, BlueFiles is the ideal solution for sharing large files.

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Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty, Sobriety

Outlook Addin

Secure deposit page

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Securely send large files with ease.

WeSend allows you to transfer files up to 2GB and provides password protection, expiration dates, and download tracking to ensure secure file sharing. With a user-friendly interface and compatibility with all devices, WeSend streamlines the file transfer process.

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Securely transfer large files across devices and platforms with ease using this top-rated software.

With TransferNow, you can enjoy fast and reliable file transfers with a user-friendly interface. Its advanced security protocols ensure your data is protected at all times. Plus, its compatibility with various devices and platforms makes it a versatile solution for individuals and businesses alike.

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Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty

Secure file sending and receiving

Encryption of data in transit and at rest

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Optimize file sizes for easy sharing without quality loss. Supports various formats.

balesio AG - FILEminimizer specializes in reducing file sizes across numerous formats, making it easier to share large documents, images, and presentations without compromising their quality. Efficiently engineered to promote quick file transfer and storage management, this tool is ideal for both individual and corporate use, offering a seamless solution for optimizing digital asset handling.

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all products can be tested for Free

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Paid version from €100.00 /month

Streamline your workflow with this powerful portal software. Centralize communication, documents, and tasks for seamless collaboration.

With features such as custom branding, role-based access, and automated workflows, this portal software empowers teams to work efficiently and securely. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined productivity.

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Request documents & auto reminders

Modern & mobile-friendly customer portal

Traceability & productivity

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Paid version from $4.99 /month

Keep your files safe with automatic backups, secure storage, and easy file sharing.

With automatic backups, you can rest assured that your files are always protected. Plus, our secure storage ensures that your data is safe from prying eyes. And with easy file sharing, you can collaborate with others without any hassle.

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Lifetime plan

No file size limit

EU data center

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Efficiently share large files with ease using this top file sharing software.

SendBig allows you to send files up to 20GB, with password protection and expiration dates. Collaborate with team members and track file activity in real-time.

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Paid version from €3.00 /month

Securely Transfer Large Files Online. Send files up to 5GB with password protection, expiration dates, and download tracking.

LockTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer solution that offers end-to-end encryption and secure data storage. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, LockTransfer simplifies the process of sending large files, while advanced security features ensure that your data remains protected.

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A simple interface for sharing sensitive data

An interface with messaging system (plugin)

Secure exchange areas accessible in 3 clicks

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Streamline document management with a software that automates workflows, improves collaboration, and ensures compliance.

This cloud-based solution simplifies the process of searching, sharing, and securing files across multiple platforms, allowing users to work more efficiently and effectively. With customizable metadata and automated version control, M-Files ensures accuracy and consistency throughout the document lifecycle.

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Advanced document management based on metadata

Automation of business processes to facilitate information

A secure cloud solution also available On-Premises

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