Whaller: Create your own private social networks

In Whaller, everyone can create or join their own private social networks, organized in separate "spheres" : 

1/ Communicate simply
Create a "sphere", invite your contacts, and start a discussion within minutes. Whaller spheres are your spaces for private conversation, each one sealed off from the others.

Add your exchanges about documents, links, videos, surveys, events, etc.

Public or private messages, chat, video conferences : enrich your means of dialogue.

2/ Control and enrich your exchanges
Each sphere has a subject : a project, a team, a community...

... and its own tools : member directory, agenda, document deposit, resources reservation, search engines.

Thanks to the cms and the Widgets, Whaller is totally customisable and allows you to integrate your own tools.

3/ Keep the control
Target your audience by always knowing who can read your messages.

No bad surprises, no uncontrolled diffusion of your information; your communications are protected.

No data escapes from its sphere. No online indexation, no data exploitation.

On Whaller, everyone can create : 

- enterprises social networks : 

For optimum effective internal communication between your employees.

Exchange and collaborate as a business, delete email loops and centralize your data.

Create your spheres by team, project or department to optimise your communication.

- school, college networks :

To train in digital collaboration.

Create your’ establishment’s social network  : Waller spheres will become extensions of the class or the lecture room. Generate debates between your students, enable them to manage their group projects and even their social lives.

From primary to higher education, train your students in the digital world and collaborative work.

- associative networks :

To exchange on a collaborative network and unite your members.

Create a work platform for your associative network, unite your members without place or time restrictions; thanks to Whaller, everyone is involved.

- personal spheres

To simply exchange with your loved ones in sealed, separate spheres.

Your family, your partner, your friends : so many personal spheres finally with a confidential tool that’s easy to use for 7 to 77-year-olds!

Whaller does not exploit your data and protects it : finally share your family or holiday photos without risk of abusive online distribution.


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