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TeamBrain: the only dynamic self-learning FAQ on the market

TeamBrain capitalizes and automatically answers the recurring questions of your visitors directly on your site, or your collaborators in your company. Save time and money by taking full advantage of machine learning for your team!

Unlimited uses!

Customer Service

TeamBrain can help you improve the performance of your customer service while reducing your costs: connected to your ticketing tool, it filters and automates level 1 tickets. With E-Attestations for example, we have divided by 6 their customer service budget by automating 95% of their tickets!

Schools and Universities

Within your school serving your students or on your website as part of your recruitment process for future students, TeamBrain allows schools and universities to automate their responses to level 1 questions.

We have become a benchmark in the sector in which we already serve:

  • ESSEC Business School
  • the ENPC
  • several schools of the INSEEC group
  • the Leonardo da Vinci Pole
  • AKTO (Opcalia)
  • France Compétences,
  • And many others...

Human ressources

TeamBrain can also be used internally: you will be able to respond transparently to your employees' questions, and thus ensure the well-being in your company as well as clear, open, and multi-directional communication.

Lead Generation

The uses can be multiple: integrate it into your marketing strategy to automatically answer 95% of the questions that are asked on your website and thus reduce the risk of churn in your conversion funnel.

How does it work ?

  1. Let's imagine that a user asks a question on your platform using TeamBrain, and that it is a question that has never been asked before: it is sent to you by e-mail and you simply answer the question through our solution, then TeamBrain takes care of recording your answer.
  2. Next time this question is asked (even if asked with a different syntax or spelling) TeamBrain will automatically reuse your answer and instantly respond to the user.

Integration and Setup

TeamBrain can be integrated with only two lines of code to be used onto your platform, and requires no setup and no decision tree. You benefit from onboarding with one of our agents to learn how to use the tool and complete your database so that TeamBrain performs immediately.

Editor: Team Brain

Strengths of TeamBrain

  • Tickets automation
  • Easy integration and no setup
  • No decision tree
  • Certifications: GDPR

TeamBrain demo and screenshots

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TeamBrain customers

SVP France Galop 123Crèche! Atalian Business Fil Hyundai Pôle Léonard De Vinci Opcalia (Akto)

TeamBrain pricing and features

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2300 /month
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