Vizir: Chatbot builder for enterprise automation

Review Vizir: Chatbot builder for enterprise automation - appvizer is a chatbot builder made for enterprise automation. 

Our API-fisrt approach to chatbots allows us to collect structured data that:

1) helps our chatbot create long-lasting context,

2) makes it easy for the chatbot to post to and get data from thrid party apps. 

The value of chatbots, appart from being available 24/7 with a natural langage interface, mainly resides in the tasks it can perform. 

Vizir makes it easy to add new skills without any coding required ! 

You can either build your bot on your own with a quick kick-off meeting with one of our experts or let us do all the work, and focus on optimizing the bot with new skills along the way !

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Strengths of Vizir

  • no code
  • api first
  • strong nlp

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