Armony Report: in summary

Documents are rich in information and need to circulate quickly to each recipient. ARMONY Report merges data from multiple sources into a single document and ensures its multi-destination and multi-channel distribution.

Document management projects require a review of the entire workflow from document creation to distribution and storage. It is often necessary to use several different software packages depending on the applications of your information system and the means of searching and storing data.

Whether this project is the optimization and automation of the realization of multi-source data editions, the integration of an EDM in your information system, the implementation of a new ERP, the ease of completion of document mixing marketing, commercial and technical data, ARMONY Report brings an answer.

The ARMONY Solution suite allows you to enrich the application system by bringing simplicity and efficiency in resolving your complex problems.

With Armony Report :

  • Processing of documents from their creation to their distribution to the final recipient
  • Multi-source of data for the creation of edition, report, multi-mode of diffusion
  • Use of the graphical navigation mode, tree view to explore and use the data sources
  • Prepare edits directly from the navigation mode
  • Wizard to create electronic forms (tables, layers, ...)
  • Possibility to mix Desktop publishing, data processing, form, triggering mode


Reading the Data

  • Execute SQL queries to retrieve data
  • Allow joins between data from different databases
  • No need for ETL, packages, or specific views, simplifying migrations
  • Simplified upgrades, simplified transition to production, reduced maintenance

Language management

  • Manage the languages of all your reports in a few minutes
  • Mutualize your languages in all your reports
  • Manage multiple languages easily in a document
  • Use inheritance to simplify reports with special features

External documents

  • Add images or PDF anywhere in the document
  • Multiple sources that can be a file server, a URL, a database binary, a DMS application, a PDF document
  • Position files at the bottom of the page, on the entire page, in the cell of a table, between 2 composition elements (paragraph, table, ...)
  • Recompose PDF documents, adding information to the existing document (additional page, element on the page, ...)


  • Composing invoices, orders, labels, manufacturing files, documents, complex estimates, product catalogs, work contracts, etc.
  • Draw tables, paragraphs, lines, circles, rectangles, bar codes, ...
  • Create graphics, display transformations, rotations, ...
  • Vary the information displayed by any value from any source
  • Mutualize elements on several documents

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