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E-invoice is an online invoice dematerialization software perfectly adapted to SMEs with more than 50 employees who need a minimum of 1,500 invoices per year to be dematerialized.

Manage your invoices online and no longer print anything

Whether it is invoices issued, received, EDI, signed files or PDFs, E-invoice allows you to dematerialize all your invoices on a large scale to:

  • Create electronically original and digitally signed tax certifications
  • Use optical character recognition to obtain a dematerialized version of a paper invoice from a simple photo
  • Archive invoices issued and received
  • E-invoice supports CSV, XML, TXT files
  • No minimum required for the transfer of PDF documents

You access all your invoices from the Generix E-invoice web interface.

Generix's invoice dematerialization service allows you to deploy your processes throughout  more than 20 countries around the world.

Probative value archiving and security

More than just an invoice dematerialization tool, an electronic safe is integrated so that you can electronically archive all your documents in full compliance with national and European legislation.

Your invoices (incoming and outgoing) are centralised and have a ten-year probative value.

In addition, E-invoice is the subject of 10 certifications ensuring the security, compliance and confidentiality of your data in 25 countries:

  • Minimum availability rate: 99.999 %.
  • Physical protection of the data center against force majeure: intrusions, technical, energy, geographical problems
  • Data center IT security: backup, hybrid cloud, data encryption, network segmentation

Collaborate internally and with strategic partners

The E-invoice interface allows you to share your invoices with your customers and suppliers:

  • You improve the speed of document processing
  • You automatically send your invoices to the various employees
  • You improve processes: you no longer process paper documents
  • You follow in real time the evolution of your real and projected cash flow
  • You reduce the costs of processing paper invoices: producton, storage, distribution, disputes, etc.

Its benefits

Certifications:GDPR, EDI

Generix Invoice Services - Managing Workflow in E-invoice
Generix Invoice Services - Managing Workflow in E-invoice
Generix Invoice Services - Managing Workflow in E-invoice
Generix Invoice Services - Electronic invoicing and followed by statutes

Generix Invoice Services: its rates

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Generix Invoice Services
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