STRATOW Vos documents archivés: in summary

100% digital invoicing is coming in 2025, if you were already moving to dematerialization and electronic archiving of your invoices ?!

With its NF 461 certification for electronic archiving with probative value, STRATOW guarantees archiving and traceability of all your resources.

All organizations need to communicate and exchange documents with third parties (Partners, customers, suppliers) simply and securely but:

Opening an information system is not easy,
Paying licenses for external users is expensive,
Managing external users is difficult
Based on this observation, STRATOW's mission is to meet the need for communications with third parties by offering Extranet-As-A-Service solutions that facilitate and optimize relations between customers, suppliers and partners.

STRATOW develops personalized solutions for the dematerialization of supplier invoices and the management of purchasing processes.

STRATOW naturally complements your ERP or your accounting software.

Its benefits

The most complete on the market for SMEs and midcaps

Pricing based on invoice volume only

Multi-ERP Cloud Interface

Certifications:NF Logiciel, GDPR

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STRATOW Vos documents archivés - STRATOW-import_multi_new_demo
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STRATOW Vos documents archivés - STRATOW-traitement_facture_new_demo

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STRATOW Vos documents archivés
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