MailClark for Slack & MS Teams: Centralize emails, Twitter and Facebook in Slack or MS Teams

Send & receive emails, tweets, Twitter DMs and Facebook messages directly from Slack or MS Teams.

There is so much you can do with MailClark:

  • handle your Customer Support directly from Slack,
  • collaborate with clients or colleagues who only use email or Twitter,
  • receive notifications in Slack
  • answer to your private emails or Twitter messages directly from a Slack channel
  • and more!

Email, Twitter and Facebook: bring all your communications into Slack or MS Teams.

To get started, add MailClark to Slack or MS Teams & invite him to your preferred channel to set up an inbox in Slack.

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MailClark for Slack & MS Teams demo and screenshots

Manage All Your External Messages  Directly Into Slack1-All-in-one.png2-Reply.png3-Collaborate.png4-Compose.png5-Multi-connectors.png1-again.png2-again.png3-again.png

MailClark for Slack & MS Teams customers

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MailClark for Slack & MS Teams pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

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Attachment management
Group management
Group Chat
Notifications Email, sms, pop-up window to inform someone the an action is done
Private Discussion Group
Webmail / Email Sending and receiving emails
Customer Support
Communications History
Help Desk