Contus Fly: Real-time Instant Messaging App Solution

Contus Fly is an instant messaging app building solution. It is engineered on sturdy tech platforms and languages like Erlang, Ejabberd, XMPP server, Amazon S3 server, etc. Contus Fly enables enterprises who want a reliable, secure and scalable real-time chat app build their own chat systems that no other private parties can gain access to. 

On an enterprise scale, Contus Fly weighs high on productivity-enhancing features. It comes with a 5-tier communication and collaboration abilities that will allow users to get things done the go without any hassles. Real-time communication, collaboration, organization, security, and scalability are the five major capabilities that Contus Fly imparts to its user groups. 

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Strengths of Contus Fly

  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • High Technology Stack

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