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To put it simply, Happeo is the combines the features of a social network for enterprises and a collaboration platform, with a single goal: help its users in working together, share a common online workplace and to stay informed of the latest news of the company, in addition to connecting your worldwide personnel. 

All modern companies use multiple productivity tools to organize and improve their productivity levels. The main problem is that an excess of tools causes an excessive amount of information loss, duplication or confuse its users. Happeo centralises all of them into one platform, removing the need to switch from one software to another or make use of different data storage locations.

The benefits of Happeo:

A more precise internal communication

Every generation has their own methods of communicating. Happeo ignores this factor and gives its users the possibility to communicate transversally among all of a company’s departments or employees. Cocreation becomes easier and authentic. The platform provides information transparency to promote collaboration and discussions about potential ideas the employees might have. Make sure that all people concerned have read important messages from the company by opting for a ‘confirm after reading’ button. All this while offering a tailored experience focused on helping employees work on their tasks. 

Ease the IT Departments Life 

Happeo takes even more advantage of productivity tools by giving them a workspace that incorporates them fully to its system. This aspect avoids any technical issues that would require a certain level of know-how to solve. The creation of content on the intranet can be left to the hands of the users, without any assistance from the IT department or a higher education in technology. The features are made to be used on a daily basis and therefore adapted for that purpose. 

As the Manager, for Your Employees

The final decision towards implementing an intranet comes down to the director’s wishes. In doing so, you will enable your employees to share, collaborate and develop connections with one another more often, resulting in an overall higher productivity level. Happeo connects all users present in its intranet and simplifies the collaboration and discussion process by avoiding switches between software, while staying within a single platform. Provide a simple yet fruitful users experience to your employees to keep their talents and skills sharp and increase work motivation and productivity.

Collaborate, innovate and Interact better, with Happeo. 

Its benefits

Centralises your productivity tools

Focuses on social communication and collaboration

Incorporates all G Suite Tools

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001

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Happeo - Screenshot 1
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