Cedreo: 3D Floor plan and Home Design software

Boost sales using 3D home design

Cedreo is a professional 3D home design software. Unlike other CAD software solutions, it is specifically designed for sales representatives from the home building and real estate industries and therefore doesn't require any particular technical skill in 3D home design.

3D architectural visualization for promotional purposes is a powerful conversion tool for your sales representatives during client meetings and helps boost contract opportunities in the home building and real estate sectors.

That is why Cedreo allows sales representatives to promote home building and real estate development projects using quality 3D architectural rendering. We've made our home design software easy to use so that your sales representatives can quickly generate HD digital images of home project proposals to support client presentations. They do not have to depend on their engineering department or external 3D visualization services to provide them with breath-taking, compelling projective 3D views!

Save time, save money: Your 3D home design is ready in 3 quick, easy steps.

  1. Draw your floor plan
  2. Furnish your 3D house
  3. Render your project


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