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Hubicus Groupe BVA

Monitoring the quality of your customer experience
Presentation of Hubicus Groupe BVA

Hubicus provides a powerful real-time tool to manage the quality of your customer experience.

360° Quality Management: Quality delivered by your contact centers, quality perceived by your customers, quality known by your employees and quality recommended by our experts.

Services in Do It Yourself: Quality Monitoring, Feedback Management. Abilities.

  • Multi-channel evaluation grids
  • Many media to distribute your questionnaires,
  • Automatically triggered investigations,
  • Powerful real-time reporting and collaboration tool
  • Competency quiz.

Hubicus provides a global SaaS software offer.

Advantages of Hubicus Groupe BVA

  • Real-Time
  • Do It Yourself / Do It For Me
  • 360° view of the quality
  • Certifications:NF Logiciel
Information on Hubicus Groupe BVA
Software edited by Hubicus Groupe BVA
Data stored in the following countries: France
List of the available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Castilian
360° report
360° report
NPS report

Prices and features of Hubicus Groupe BVA


/year /user

Soit 15,75 €HT/mois pour une qualité optimale

Customer Support

Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Service Quality Management


Conditional Branching (Questions and Pages)
Customized Forwarding Upon Completion of the Survey
Multilingual Surveys
Online Questionnaire Creation
Question Grouping
+ 7 other features

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