Kanbox: in summary

Scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator, Smart Inbox and Kanban Boards

Kanbox is a powerful and comprehensive Chrome extension for Linkedin Sales Navigator. It enables you to scrape up to 2,500 leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in a single extraction, automatically finding missing emails and phone numbers to enhance your lead lists. You can export clean CSV files and easily share and assign lead lists to your teammates, providing clarity to your team's acquisition workflows.

Even if you have unsubscribed from LinkedinSales Navigator, Kanbox allows you to save all extracted lists and data securely.

With Kanbox, you can manage your network and communications effectively using a smart and user-friendly inbox. This inbox allows you to separate professional connections from personal ones, and you can leverage bulk actions and message templates to avoid repetitive tasks.

Enjoy a full-screen messaging experience that displays key information about your leads, including notes and individual quick actions.

Organize and manage your acquisition workflows visually using Kanban boards, ensuring efficiency and clarity throughout the process.

Its benefits

Scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator up to 2 500 Leads at once

Export Cleaned CVS Files with missing emails and phone enrichment

Smart Inbox with labels, pro and personal connections separated

Full-Screen Messaging width Notes and Message Templates

Kanban Boards to manage lead acquisition workflows

Kanbox - Scrape up to 2 500 leads at once
Kanbox - Scrape up to 2 500 leads at once
Kanbox - Scrape up to 2 500 leads at once
Kanbox - Cleaned CSV files
Kanbox - Missing email and phone number enrichment
Kanbox - Smart inbox with filters and labels
Kanbox - Full-screen Messaging with lead key information
Kanbox - Kanban boards to give clarity to your acquisition workflows
Kanbox - Assign lists of leads to your teammates
Kanbox - Create new custom list and assign them to your teammates
Kanbox - Automatic detection of irrelevant leads
Kanbox - Enrichment of missing email and phone number
Kanbox - No possible lead duplicate
Kanbox - Message templates to avoid repetitive tasks

Kanbox: its rates

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