Additio: in summary

Additio is a school management platform that responds to the needs of teachers, seeking the success of students and interaction with families.

It stands out for its competency-based assessment tools, as well as for allowing teachers to plan lessons, track attendance, or create custom reports. It also allows families to be informed of their children's progress in class and to be involved in the learning process through an integrated communication platform.

In addition, students are constantly in contact with their teachers and can receive all kinds of notifications and their grades directly on their smartphones. Learning reports, authorizations, substitutions...

All centralized from a single management tool. We are already present in more than 3,000 schools around the world, in more than 90 countries. Furthermore, Additio is fully integrated with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Moodle.

Its benefits

Complete school management

Communications with students and families

Assessment and academic planning

Certifications:ISO 9001

Additio - Centralized management panel
Additio - Centralized management panel
Additio - Centralized management panel

Additio: its rates and features

On demand
Chat Box / Instant Messaging
Communication management
Contact Manager
Group Chat
Mailing Lists
Meeting management

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