Tink: B2B banking aggregator

Tink is an open banking platform that offers banks and start-ups tools to build financial services.

Why choose Tink?

The platform allows users to access financial data from all European countries. Experts offer important information so companies can develop their financial apps, and advise companies to guide them in the construction of their financial services.

Tink offers several services and consumer experiences

Solutions for customer acquisition : Tink allows you to have a better knowledge of the client, because the platform gathers data from banks. The customer experience is more pleasant, fluid and personalized. Then it evaluates the risks to increase the approval and reimbursement rate.

Solutions to maintain client commitment : the client can authorize Tink to access his financial data in order to get a personalized offer. 

Solutions to optimize sales: the service proposes relevant proposals, then measures are taken to facilitate payment (direct debit, invoices on the platform...).

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