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Our selection of 11 banking & financial software

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Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights with Powerful Business Intelligence Software.

DigDash Enterprise provides advanced data visualization and analysis tools, allowing you to easily create and share interactive dashboards and reports. With features such as real-time data updates, customizable widgets, and predictive analytics, you can make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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Streamline and optimize your business processes with powerful BPM software. Easily automate workflows and improve efficiency.

With BPM software, you can design, execute, monitor, and analyze your business processes. Gain insight into bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to improve your operations. The software's intuitive interface allows for easy customization and integration with existing systems.

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Your workflow deployed in 5 days

Simple UX: zero training for end users

Ultra-adaptable solution with a low-code approach

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Streamline your hiring process with powerful applicant tracking software. Manage job postings, resumes, and candidate profiles all in one place.

Nicoka ATS offers customizable workflows, intuitive reporting, and seamless integrations with other HR software. Say goodbye to tedious manual tracking and hello to efficient hiring.

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This software is perfect for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution. It offers CRM, BPM, and marketing automation tools to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

With its intuitive interface and customizable dashboards, this software makes it easy to manage customer relationships, automate workflows, and track marketing campaigns. Plus, it integrates with popular apps like Outlook and LinkedIn for even more functionality.

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Friendly interface

Full customization

Wide range of support options

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Automate billing and invoicing with ease. Streamline your financial tasks and get paid faster.

With our software, you can easily set up recurring billing, track expenses, and send professional invoices. Get paid faster with automated payment reminders and online payment options. Plus, our reporting tools give you valuable insights into your financial performance.

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Fast opening a business account

Up to 3% cashback on every transaction

Up to 10 000€ ATM withdrawal limit per card

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Streamline financial services with this software. Manage transactions, automate workflows, and increase efficiency.

This banking and financial software offers a range of features to improve your financial services. With the ability to manage transactions, automate workflows, and increase efficiency, this software streamlines your financial processes. Whether you're a bank or financial institution, this software is designed to help you meet your needs.

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Powerful banking and financial software for your business needs. Streamline your operations and increase efficiency with our user-friendly platform.

With our software, you can easily manage transactions, automate accounting tasks, and monitor financial performance in real-time. Plus, our comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. Take control of your finances with our cutting-edge solution.

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Banking & financial software that analyzes transaction data to provide insights for businesses.

With Nordigen, businesses can quickly and easily access valuable data on their customers' spending habits and financial health. The software's advanced algorithms analyze transaction data to provide insights on income, expenses, and other key metrics, helping companies make smarter decisions and improve financial performance.

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Easy to integrate

Full European coverage

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Facilitates business loan comparisons and applications with ease.

Lendio, a leading Banking & Financial software, simplifies the process of comparing and applying for business loans. It offers users a broad marketplace of lenders, providing a variety of loan options suitable for different business needs. With features designed to enhance user experience, Lendio streamlines the borrowing process, making it quicker and more efficient for businesses seeking financial solutions.

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This financial tool offers credit score monitoring and personalized loan recommendations.

Borrowell is a visionary in the banking and financial sector, providing users with groundbreaking credit score monitoring and robust financial advice. Its platform specializes in delivering personalized loan recommendations suited to individual financial situations, aiming to empower users to make informed financial decisions and work towards better financial health. Furthermore, Borrowell's innovative approach assists in tracking financial progress, ensuring an accessible and comprehensive understanding of one’s financial status.

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Streamline financial operations with cloud-based accounting software. Automate processes, track expenses, and generate reports with ease.

Workday Financial Management simplifies accounting tasks with its intuitive interface and powerful automation tools. From accounts payable to general ledger management, this software provides a comprehensive solution for financial operations. With real-time data and customizable reporting, businesses can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Banking & Financial softwares: Q&A

Banking & financial software helps automate financial processes like accounting, invoicing, payroll, and taxes. This software stores financial data, performs calculations, and produces reports. It can also integrate with other business software for a complete financial management solution.

When selecting banking & financial software, look for features like automated billing, invoice tracking, expense management, payroll processing, tax compliance, and financial reporting. Also, check for compatibility with other software and data security measures.

Banking & financial software can help reduce errors, save time, and improve efficiency. It also provides accurate financial data and reports to help make informed decisions. Additionally, it can help with regulatory compliance and ensure timely payments and collections.

Some of the best banking & financial software options include QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, and Wave. Each offers a range of features for small businesses and enterprises.

Some free banking & financial software alternatives include GnuCash, Manager, Invoice Ninja, and ZipBooks. These software options offer basic financial management features and can be a good fit for small businesses with limited budgets.