SimplePractice: in summary

SimplePractice is an all-in-one practice management platform that helps health and wellness professionals manage their practices more efficiently. With SimplePractice, professionals can manage their client data, schedule appointments, and handle billing and payments.

Key Features

Client Management

SimplePractice's client management tools allow professionals to manage client information, including demographics, notes, and insurance information. With customizable intake forms and automated reminders, professionals can streamline their client intake process and improve their client experience.


SimplePractice's scheduling tools make it easy to schedule appointments, manage availability, and send appointment reminders. With features like online booking, group scheduling, and telehealth integrations, professionals can save time and provide more flexible scheduling options for their clients.

Billing and Payments

SimplePractice's billing and payments tools make it easy to handle billing and payment processing. With features like automatic insurance billing, credit card processing, and invoicing, professionals can simplify their billing process and get paid faster.


SimplePractice's telehealth tools make it easy to provide virtual care to clients. With secure video sessions, custom waiting rooms, and virtual consent forms, professionals can provide high-quality care to their clients from anywhere.


  • Manage client data and streamline the intake process
  • Schedule appointments and manage availability more efficiently
  • Simplify billing and payment processing
  • Provide virtual care to clients with telehealth tools
  • Improve practice efficiency and client experience

SimplePractice: its rates

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