WorkMotion: in summary

We help you hire talent without having a local branch in 160 countries thanks to WorkGlobal, our Employer of Record (EoR) solution. 

WorkMotion streamlines international staffing

? Payroll Management

? Generation of monthly payslips

? Work contracts

? Social benefits management

... 100% compliant with the local law of the country where your talent is hired.

Flexibility first. The new world of work.

We are the leader in our industry when it comes to compliance, which is a critical factor for many global brands. Our platform also enables full end-to-end HR management that includes:

  • Access to global talent
  • No in-house HR expertise required
  • Integration to existing systems
  • No compliance or employment risk
  • Fast set-up and time to employ
  • Simple monthly fee per hire

Its benefits

100% compliant

Talents onboarded within a week

Hire top talents wherever they are

WorkMotion - Screenshot 1
WorkMotion - Screenshot 1
WorkMotion - Screenshot 1
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WorkMotion: its rates


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