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Build Your Own HRIS

Today, there are nearly 10,000 HR software options available on the market. Selecting from all these solutions the one or ones that best meet your needs is complex and time-consuming. PeopleSpheres is THE platform that allows you to make the most of the HR software jungle.

The PeopleSpheres platform serves as a common foundation to which all your selected HR and business tools can be added, whether chosen from the PeopleSpheres Store or already used internally. This platform is designed to last and brings real added value by offering not only a store of HR solutions, but also a platform that allows them to be interconnected and to have a global view of your data.

Thus, PeopleSpheres allows you to assemble and deploy specialized business blocks that best meet your needs with the best quality-price ratio. PeopleSpheres allows you to manage all the chosen solutions through:

This platform allows you to manage all solutions, guaranteeing:

  • A single point of contact
  • One contract
  • One invoice
  • No coding required
  • Integration maintenance

PeopleSpheres helps you find the best tool suited to your challenges and offers it in an easy-to-use, secure, and hassle-free store.

The mission of PeopleSpheres is to orchestrate an effective and scalable HR strategy. With PeopleSpheres, you can integrate different business software within the same platform smoothly and, most importantly, evolve them at the same pace as the company's needs. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most: the human aspect.

10 reasons why HR chooses PeopleSpheres:

  • Unified interface
  • Expert advice
  • Increased flexibility
  • Synchronization between all software
  • Tools adapted to all business specifics
  • Customizable and suitable software
  • Optimized user experience
  • Optimization of HR processes
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability to local and national specifics
  • Dedicated customer support,

PeopleSpheres is a collaborative experience platform that allows you to unify all your software within a single portal. Our solution offers you the opportunity to create a fully customized HRIS according to your needs and the size of your organization.

You can connect as many HR software and tools to your HRIS as needed. PeopleSpheres allows you to choose only the software that meets your human resource management needs.

Instant connectivity. No code required.

PeopleSpheres revolutionizes human resource management by offering rapid and simplified integration of various HR tools. With a promise of integration five times faster, the platform eliminates the need for coding through an intuitive system based solely on clicks. This approach allows you to connect your HR tools in record time, thus optimizing efficiency and reducing implementation delays.

The platform provides more than 100 pre-built connectors, thus facilitating immediate startup and integration of the most commonly used tools. For those with specific needs not covered by the available connectors, PeopleSpheres offers a flexible solution with its Studio. This allows you to easily create custom connectors, thanks to a drag-and-drop system that requires no programming skills.

By connecting all your HR tools to PeopleSpheres, you benefit from the automation of repetitive tasks, allowing for smoother and more efficient process management. This customizable and adaptable connectivity gives you the freedom to choose the tools that best meet the needs of your employees and to define the most relevant data for your organization.

Support available at all times.

The PeopleSpheres support is entirely based in France in Montpellier and Paris. The support responds by email and phone to any request. You are supported in the handling and use of the tool at all times

Its benefits

All your HR systems on one mobile-friendly platform

Automate your HR processes with workflows

Cross-application reporting and analytics for better insight


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