Rippling HR: in summary

Rippling is a cloud-based human resources (HR) and payroll management platform that helps businesses manage employee information, payroll, benefits, and other HR tasks. It offers a range of features including time tracking, expense management, and performance reviews, as well as integrations with various business applications.

Automate simple processes, such as sending new hires welcome emails. Or, go large and use daisy-chained workflows to automate intricate, multi-step approval processes. No coding or IT support is necessary.

Their unified analytics system enables you to quickly create, generate, and distribute unique reports based on any employee data in your business, including data from third-party apps, payroll, and benefits. Finally, without relying on Excel or SQL, you can view all of your workforce data in an one location in the precise way you need.

Some key features of Rippling include

  1. Employee directory: Allows you to store and manage employee information in a centralized location, including contact details, job titles, and employment status.

  2. Payroll: Automates payroll processes, including tax calculation, direct deposit, and payment of employee benefits.

  3. Time tracking: Allows employees to track their time worked and request time off, while also giving managers visibility into employee attendance and productivity.

  4. Performance reviews: Enables companies to conduct annual or quarterly performance reviews and set goals for employees.

Some advantages of using Rippling as a HR and payroll management platform include:

  1. Centralized employee information: Rippling allows businesses to store and manage employee information in a single, centralized location, making it easier to track and access.

  2. Automation: Rippling automates many HR and payroll processes, including tax calculation, direct deposit, and payment of employee benefits, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

  3. Employee self-service: Rippling provides employees with access to their own HR and payroll information, allowing them to request time off, update their personal details, and access their pay stubs and benefits information.

  4. Integration with other business applications: Rippling integrates with a range of business applications, such as Google G Suite and Slack, which can improve efficiency and streamline processes.

How does it work: 

Every new hire will be automatically added to all the right policies. Offload admin work with role-based permissions. Get 100+ more features, like Task Manager and Org Chart. Instantly generate, distribute, and e-sign your HR documents. Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates and install one in seconds. You can use their templates or tweak them to meet your exact needs.


Rippling's pricing is subscription-based and is determined by the number of employees and the features that a business requires. It offers several pricing plans, including a free trial, and businesses can contact Rippling directly for a customized quote.

It's worth noting that Rippling's pricing may vary depending on the specific features and services that a business requires. It's recommended to contact Rippling directly or visit their website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Its benefits

Certifications:ISO 27001, ISO 27018

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