Seiza: in summary

Seiza is the Recruitment Automation Platform 100% dedicated to hourly positions, enabling accelerated hiring.

At Seiza, we believe that the key to successful recruitment lies in speed. Our mission is to help recruiters become hyper-responsive by automating the entire recruitment process, while offering the best possible experience to candidates.
Our SaaS platform allows for fast and effortless recruitment by:

  • Obtaining qualified applications in the shortest possible time thanks to the power of social media
  • Automating all time-consuming tasks such as selection, skills validation, interview scheduling, and document collection, allowing recruiters to spend more time on what matters most: meeting candidates.
  • Engaging in personalized and real-time 24/7 discussions with candidates using the best communication channels.
  • Offering the best possible candidate experience by adapting to their pace and habits.
  • Monitoring recruitment performance and deadlines to optimize processes.

Extremely user-friendly, Seiza is 100% adapted to frontline workers.

With Seiza:
- Attract and hire 2x faster.
- Reduce your recruitment costs by 25%.
- Improve candidate satisfaction.

Launched in 2010, Seiza accelerates hiring for 400 companies in Europe and the United States in various industries (food production, transportation, logistics, retail, hospitality & restaurants, healthcare, staffing, construction...).

Its benefits

Dedicated to frontline workers

User friendly

Seiza - Screenshot 1
Seiza - Screenshot 1
Seiza - Screenshot 1

Seiza: its rates

On demand
On demand

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