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MOFFI is for businesses, coworking spaces and office property managers

We offer a white label solution that facilitates flexible work, flex office and employee mobility on a daily basis. Available on Andoid and iOS, the SaaS management tool also allows controlling, controlling, measuring and analyzing the use of office m2 to reduce costs.

I inform the building’s occupants

I use the newsfeed in MOFFI to report that an elevator is under maintenance. A notification is then sent to the concerned users.

I have access to a set of statistics on my building

I analyze the workspaces use, the occupancy rate and the bookings per groups of users. I adapt my offer accordingly.

I manage the access rights of my members

I allow new employees access to offices and meeting rooms. When an employee leaves, I remove his or her rights.

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  • Certifications: UGAP by SCC

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Public Booking Calendar
People Management
Company Directory LDAP / Active Directory
Project Management
Availability Analysis
Demand Management
Room Reservation

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