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Iperius Backup - Complete Backup Solution for Businesses


Iperius Backup is a robust and comprehensive backup solution designed to meet the backup needs of businesses of all sizes. With a perpetual license, it offers maximum flexibility and security in protecting critical data.

Key Features

  • Perpetual License: Benefit from a one-time investment for a long-lasting backup solution without additional subscription worries.

  • UNLIMITED Backup of Microsoft 365: Protect your OneDrive files, Exchange, SharePoint and Teams data without volume restrictions.

  • UNLIMITED and Incremental Backup of VMware and Hyper-V VMs: Fully protect your virtual environments with complete and incremental backups, optimizing storage space and backup time.

  • Backup and REPLICATION of ESXi : A unique offering that also allows for the backup and replication of ESXi versions, ensuring advanced protection for virtual environments.

  • Backup on All Clouds: Maximum flexibility with support for backups on leading Cloud platforms like S3, Google Drive, and more.

  • Hard Disk Cloning and Disaster Recovery: Ensure your business continuity with complete disk cloning and the option for incremental backups for quick recovery after disasters.

  • UNLIMITED Backup of SQL Server Databases: Comprehensive protection of your SQL Server databases without volume restrictions, ensuring the safety and integrity of critical data.

  • Integration with Iperius Console RMM: Manage and monitor your backups centrally through integration with Iperius Console RMM, optimizing IT processes.

Why Choose Iperius Backup?

Iperius Backup is the ideal solution for businesses seeking comprehensive and reliable data protection. Thanks to its perpetual license and the ability to perform unlimited backups of critical data volumes on various platforms, Iperius Backup stands out as a strategic choice for securing complex IT environments. Its integration with Iperius Console RMM and its wide range of features make it a powerful tool for data management and recovery, ensuring business continuity in any situation.

Its benefits

Perpetual license

Unbeatable value for money

Lightweight and portable

Iperius Backup - Edit a Backup
Iperius Backup - Edit a Backup
Iperius Backup - Edit a Backup
Iperius Backup - Add backup destination
Iperius Backup - VMware backup

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Iperius Backup
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