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Iperius Backup  is a complete Windows utility for data backup. Iperius backup can make back up files to NAS, external disks, RDX drives, etc. Iperius is plenty of backup functions and advanced features: copy of open files (VSS), Drive Image for disaster recovery, backup of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines, SQL Server and MySQL database backup, Exchange Server backup, backup to LTO Tape, backup to Cloud (Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.), backup to FTP/SFTP. Use Iperius for backup your Server and workstations. 

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Active SQL DataBase backup Instant backup of SQL databases
Automatic Backup
Backup Reports
Backup of open documents
Backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage) Data storage on a physical carrier for fast backup and greater available bandwidth
Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Ultra-fast restoration of a complete system (OS, files, and softwares)
Cloud Services Backup
Continuous Backup
Data Compression Optimize storage space
Database Backup Microsoft SQL, Oracle
Differential Backup Only files that have changed since the last backup are sent back to the servers.
Hard disk recovery
Incremental Backup Backups modified files only
Local Backup Copies the selected files to a local media (USB stick, external hard disk, etc.)
Monthly Backup (Automatic)
Online Backup
Server Backup Virtual and Physical
Virtual Machine Backup

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