Openbackup: in summary

Openbackup, a backup service for professionals! 

Professional online backups allow you to protect your company's data by storing it on an external site and in this way you can avoid any loss of data in the event of accidents such as hardware failures, sinister, malicious acts (malware, physical attacks, ....) or human errors that occur regularly in the company. 

In order to ensure the protection of your entire company's data, we help you define your backup policy by providing you with the necessary tools and our expertise. Thanks to many years of experience on similar issues, our team is able to offer you the best solutions for your business. 

Advantages of Openbackup Backup 

  • Automatic backup: To protect your data as effectively as possible, you need an automatic backup. Once the scope of the data to be backed up has been defined, your data will be replicated and protected without any intervention on your part. This prevents data loss due to technical problems, omissions or malicious acts. 
  • Transparency: Data is backed up in the background. Your users can then work normally on their data without being affected by the implementation of this protection system. This process is similar to "hot backup", which allows you to keep your documents open while configuring a backup. 
  • Centralize and access your data: Backups created are centralized and managed only by one or more administrators, thus avoiding configuration problems. Users can access backup sets created by a secure Internet connection. This access via a web client allows for easy management of data recovery when needed.  
  • Protect your data: To avoid any data loss due to a disaster, you need to back up to media external to your site. For this reason, openhost offers you the outsourcing of your data to our data centres in Nantes and Paris. Your data is replicated, which guarantees its total integrity. 

Secure online archiving

Openhost, publisher of the Openbackup solution, is a recognized company in the hosting industry. Our infrastructure and service, entirely based in France, allows us to offer the latest in professional data management, while maintaining the best possible customer service. 

No obligation! 

The Openbackup service is non-binding and offers a monthly fee. You will then have the possibility to update the storage volume for your backups at your convenience. 

Our prices start at 15€. Backup volumes can range from a few gigabytes to several terabytes of data. 

Openbackup: its rates

10 Go
/month /unlimited users
50 Go
/month /unlimited users
100 Go
/month /unlimited users
300 Go
/month /unlimited users
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/month /unlimited users

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