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GDPR Compliance Solution page on our website for full audit RGPD.

If your company operates within the EU, it is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which mandates a higher standard for the treatment of sensitive personal information (SPI). In order to meet these standards which come into effect in May 2018, businesses need a way to not only have a clear view on the information they have, but the best means by which they can demonstrate compliance with the directive.

Enter the GDPR Compliance Solution, created by Coginov, established experts in semantic technology.

The solution crawls through millions of documents across a variety of platforms, collecting and organizing them into navigable dashboard of contextualized, aggregated information. It is essentially a deep information audit for better management of information assets, relevant for business efficiency but particularly well-suited to the GDPR directive.

Compared with the significant resources required to perform a similar audit manually, the GDPR Compliance Solution is a powerful, high-speed, comparatively inexpensive option.

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  • Certifications: ISO 27001

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GDPR Compliance Solution page on our website for full audit RGPD.

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