Universal Automation Center: in summary

Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center (UAC) is a robust IT automation platform designed to modernize and transform business processes through integrated and scalable IT automation. Ideal for organizations seeking to streamline their IT operations across diverse environments, UAC stands out with its focus on IT workflow orchestration, data management, and seamless system integration. This solution is perfect for businesses aiming for efficient automation and simplified management of their IT processes.

What are the main features of Universal Automation Center?

IT Workflow Orchestration

UAC excels in IT workflow orchestration, enabling smooth and automated management of business processes.

  • Automation of complex workflows across various systems and applications.
  • Visual interface for designing and managing workflows.
  • Scheduling and triggering capabilities for workflows.

Data Automation and Management

The platform incorporates advanced features for data automation and management, ensuring efficient handling of enterprise data.

  • Automation of data transfer processes.
  • Synchronization and orchestration of data management tasks.
  • Detailed tracking and auditing of data activities.

Seamless System Integration

UAC is designed for seamless integration, allowing flawless connectivity across diverse IT environments.

  • Ready-to-use connectors for easy integration with a multitude of systems.
  • Open APIs for customized integrations.
  • Support for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid integration.

Centralized IT Resource Management

Centralized management of IT resources is a key strength of the platform, offering a unified view and control of IT assets.

  • Central dashboard for real-time monitoring and management.
  • Unified management of users, tasks, and resources.
  • Reporting and analytics for operational insights.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are embedded in UAC, ensuring data protection and adherence to IT regulatory standards.

  • Security features to safeguard data and processes.
  • Compliance with IT security and regulatory standards.
  • Audits and traceability for enhanced IT governance.

Scalability and Flexibility

UAC offers exceptional scalability and flexibility, adapting to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

  • Scalable architecture to handle increasing workloads.
  • Platform customization to meet specific needs.
  • Adaptability to support business growth and evolution.

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