10Duke Enterprise: in summary

10Duke Enterprise is a scalable and flexible software licensing solution that enables software publishers to easily configure, manage and monetize the licenses they provide to their customers in real-time.

Using 10Duke Enterprise allows software publishers in all industries to gain a single point of license control, and it can be used for desktop, Saas or mobile apps, APIs, Virtual Machines and devices.

10Duke Enterprise gives you all the main features a modern cloud-native licensing solution should offer, such as: support for all license models from subscription and floating to consumption-based, plug & play integrations with 3rd party systems like CRMs and e-commerce engines, license usage insights, support for offline scenarios, and admin tools for license and user management.

What separates 10Duke Enterprise from other solutions are its built-in Customer Identity and SSO capabilities, enabling you to learn more about who actually uses your products and to provide easier access to your product for your users. Check our website to learn more about 10Duke's unique "Identity-based licensing" method.

10Duke Enterprise is used around the world by leading brands including Trimble, Causeway, Seequent, Maxon and Steinberg.

Its benefits

Reduce friction in the licensing process for both you and your users

Seamless integration with other business systems like CRM & e-commerce

Prevent revenue leakage with real-time licensing & access control

Learn how your customers are using your licenses and product features

Get a built-in Customer Identity Management solution & SSO capability

10Duke Enterprise - 10Duke & acQuire - Scaling Up Software Licensing
10Duke Enterprise - Video 1

10Duke Enterprise: its rates and features

On demand
Credential Management
Authorization Management
Security & Confidentiality
One-time password
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Two-Factor Authentication
Software Licences Management
Electronic Software Delivery
Entitlement Management
Feature Bundles

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