Clyd: in summary

Clyd simplifies the management and security of your Android and Windows devices, as well as your printers, in a centralized manner.

Who Is Clyd For?

Clyd software is designed for organizations seeking an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution available in Cloud or On-Premise mode. It's user-friendly, easy to implement, and suitable for all sectors: transportation, logistics, retail, services, and hospitality.

Through its intuitive interface, Clyd's Mobile Device Management software enables the securement of tablets or smartphones in kiosk mode, remote application installation on a fleet of devices, remote device control, and hardware and software inventory.

Simplified Device Management:

With Clyd, managing your mobile devices becomes straightforward and efficient. You can restrict access to applications, URLs, and Android settings while ensuring the security of your work environment.

Key Features:

  • Application Kiosk: Create a secure workspace for Android with full control over access and configurations.
  • File Management: Share office documents and configuration files with your mobile devices.
  • Application Management: Remotely distribute Android applications, perform OTA updates, and configure apps.
  • Dashboards: Create customized dashboards to monitor your devices and their updates.
  • Simplified Administration: Configure administrative rights and delegate device management.
  • In-Car Safety: Lock devices during driving and disable touch functionality at certain speeds.
  • Geolocation and Geofencing: Track device locations, trigger alerts upon leaving designated areas, and perform remote control.
  • Intuitive Interface: Clyd's interface is user-friendly, ergonomic, and facilitates transparent device management for your Android devices.

Why Choose Clyd?

Clyd offers simplicity and comprehensiveness, addressing the specific needs of your organization. Mobility and its applications are crucial in the professional world, and Clyd ensures tailored management through customizable dashboards and compliance criteria.

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