Drupal: The most advanced open source CMS in the world

Drupal 8 - A Brief Introduction

Drupal is an open source system for technically advanced users. In fact, it allows you to design everything you can imagine by configuring the CMS and without coding:

  • Creation of different types of content: articles, blog posts, static pages, and all custom types
  • Creation of user profiles with very detailed management of the rights of each user group
  • Addition of specialized modules and extensions
  • Management of the page structure
  • Management of blocks that allow to arrange the different views
  • Taxonomy management

Many free and premium themes are available to put your professional website in the colors of your choice. In addition to its native features, Drupal benefits from a large worldwide community that offers plugins (extensions) free or not to improve your site: SEO module, media management module, social network sharing module, etc.

Drupal offers an excellent level of security and many native features that avoid the installation of many plugins. Drupal version 8 brings more than 200 improvements compared to the previous version. Drupal is the most advanced open source CMS in 2019.

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