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Cloudimage is the easiest way to optimize and accelerate images for the web.

Cloudimage automates the transformation and optimization of images on the fly and accelerates their distribution via the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Thanks to Cloudimage, web pages are faster and lighter, which improves both SEO and the user experience of the web or mobile application.

How does Cloudimage work? 

We download and cache: On first image load, we get your image from your server in our own cache. You can optionally use Cloudimage as an image store as well.

We crop, resize, cut, watermark, colorize, rotate, and compress your images. Cloudimage converts your images into WebP for even more size reduction.

We lighten the weight of your images by intelligently applying the best compression for the maximum level of byte reduction imperceptible to the human eye.

Your images are delivered at the speed of light anywhere around the world via our multi-CDN architecture.

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Strengths of Cloudimage

  • Pricing
  • Integration facility
  • Support reactivity
  • Certifications: GDPR

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40 GB de cache d'images 60 GB traffic CDN

70 GB de cache d'images 150 GB traffic CDN

200 GB de cache d'images 800 GB traffic CDN


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Server Image Management
Document Management
Document Hypercompression
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Image Editing and Retouching

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