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Atoo-Sync GesCom

Connect your webstore to your invoicing application
Presentation of Atoo-Sync GesCom

Atoo-Sync GesCom is a synchronization software that helps businesses on a daily basis in their digital transformation and business management.

Data flow management

Setting up an eCommerce store requires resources and time. Atoo-Sync GesCom allows you to control the setting up of your shop from a single interface. By avoiding tedious re-entries and error to your teams, you improve your productivity and internal communication.

Thus, each service feeds the commercial management database. Over time, Atoo-Sync GesCom synchronizes data through its module, in the eCommerce store. The flows sent are:

• The products database

• Customers

• Tariff categories

• Specific prices

• The stock

Likewise, Atoo-Sync GesCom queries the store and imports into your business management software:

• Your new customers, your sales and your settlements

Improving customer relationship

Once the sales have been imported into your management solution, Atoo-Sync GesCom follows up and informs the customer of the progress of its order:

• Preparation

• Shipping

• Sending the pdf invoice from the ERP

• Items not yet delivered (in balance)

Development of commercial activity

Companies using Atoo-Sync are seeing better information between the different departments of the company. In fact, the data flows are permanently synchronized, which allows them to be more reactive at each stage of order processing and thus to increase their customer relationship.

Liaison between teams

Each service enriches and find in the commercial management software, the information necessary for the proper functioning of the company. Atoo-Sync queries, collects and updates information in the web store.

In fact, the business cycle is managed :

For the purchasing department

  • Purchasing / supplier management
  • Multi-depot inventory management
  • Management of marketplaces
  • Multi-store management

For the marketing / sales department

  • BtoB and BtoC management
  • Sales management
  • Payment management
  • Multi-profile management
  • Customer relationship management

For the Accounting department

  • Accounting management
  • Multi-tax management by country


Atoo-Sync GesCom settings are already very rich functionally. Nevertheless, it is possible to customize it in order to meet specific business requests (packaging management, specific price calculation, stock calculation according to defined parameters, import of custom sales,...).


Our Atoo-Sync GesCom solutions work with :
CMS: Prestashop - Woocommerce - Magento - Shopify
Commercial management solutions / ERPs : Sage 100c - Sage 50c- Sage Api Negoce - Ciel - EBP - Wavesoft
A version adaptable to any CMS or invoicing application is also available

Atoo-Sync GesCom is designed for any size company: Auto-entrepreneur - Small and medium-size business. Its interface is simple and user-friendly to be used easily by end users. You can automate tasks and focus on your core business.

Advantages of Atoo-Sync GesCom

  • Automation - Secure - Easy to use - Intuitive
  • ROI - Quick Setup - Customizable
  • Numerous compatibilities - Support in France
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