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Geoblink Location Intelligence

Geoblink is a SaaS company, providing a Geo Business Intelligence solution targetting companies with a network of points of sale, wanting to improve their expansion strategy and geomarketing.

Thanks to geo related, homogenized Big Data, a ready to be used app, advanced statistics features, and through an intuitive used experience, we offer a turnkey solution for commercial profiles. 

Companies leader in retail, distribution or real estate already trust Geoblink, its exclusive data and analytics features. 


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Localize the best areas in order to open new stores and to replicate the factors of your best blinds Analyze areas around you blind, competition and attractors Access to a dashboard with all the internal data of your point of sale network Cross internal and external data in order to Identify the factors That impact is your dirty

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Data hosted in the following countries: United Kingdom (UK), France, Spain

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