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Presentation of Mention

Mention is a marketing intelligence software that allows companies and marketing agencies to track all the information circulating on the web about their organization.

A marketing intelligence tool

With Mention, your business will be able to monitor what customers are saying about your brand across many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

  • Users configure settings to follow their brand: topics, hashtags, etc.
  • They are automatically notified when a conversation on the Web may be of interest to him.
  • This generates more communication opportunities
  • It identifies influencers to contact
  • Etc.

Mention allows you to take part in conversations in real-time (like and comment), gain visibility on communication channels, create a community of online ambassadors. You improve your brand image and reduce the influence of your detractors.

By using Mention, you will be able to improve your brand image and generate more leads.

Gain visibility on the web

Based on customizable criteria, users define the conversations they wants to monitor. The tool monitors messages posted on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), the algorithms filter them to display only those that are relevant.

Social network analysis is a powerful way to manage crisis. As soon as a negative message is posted, you are alerted, can manage it and limit its virality. 

Mention filters also allow you to study your competitors' content by language or country.

Information on Mention
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List of the available languages: English, French

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On demand


Competitor Analysis
Competitors Marketing Activity
Marketing Performance Evaluation
Social Media Monitoring


Conversations and Posts

Content Management

Adding and Removing Content
Text Manager
+ 19 other features

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