Grytics: Improve your Facebook Groups Performance

Grytics is a solution to analyze and manage your groups on Facebook.

Analyze your Facebook groups with Grytics

Your Facebook community has a very important value for your business. It allows you to improve your brand image, share your products with new buyers or improve your services. However, Facebook has not enough information about community (dynamism, engagement, content appreciated, etc.).

That's why Grytics allows you to have a perfect knowledge of your communities.

Grytics is a perfect tool for Community Managers, Webmarketers and for all types of companies which want to improve community engagement.

What can Grytics do?

Grytics is a marketing tool to analyze the first social network: Facebook. It helps you to improve the performance of your groups and engage members of your community. All statistics about your group activity, the posts and comments of members will help you to reach your objectives.

Why manage your Facebook communities with Grytics?

Grytics is a powerful tool because it allows you to understand the strengths of your community but also the points to improve. It allows you to take action to increase your Facebook community.

Grytics Main features :

  • Facebook groups statistics and their evolution
  • Posts and comments statistics
  • Download groups activity reports
  • The Publishing Tool: Schedule publication in your Facebook groups
  • Tag systems: organize your groups publications by category
  • Get automated reports in PDF to your mailbox
  • The ability to customize reports 
  • A keyword search system within your groups
  • A marketing intelligence tool that analyzes other public groups
  • Effective dashboards, interactive charts allows you to manage your group activity.

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Grytics demo and screenshots

Grytics Facebook Group Analyticsgrytics-The-Automated-reports-29748362-320416005150460-2820933-o.pnggrytics-The-Key-Metrics-29829717-320415995150461-35362095-o.pnggrytics-The-Home-page-screen-3.jpggrytics-The-Posts-statistics-29942702-320415998483794-1741386960-o.pnggrytics-Statistics-on-interactions-and-engagement-of-your-members-screen-2.jpggrytics-The-Weekly-Summary-29748386-320415991817128-536775107-o.png

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Grytics pricing and features

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$29/month for 3 users
$99/month for 6 users
$199/month for 10 users
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