Bonita BPM: in summary

Bonitasoft offers a solution that coordinates different workflows with each other by deploying the best techniques for improving business processes. This platform connects teams with personalised user interfaces to confidently back offices. 

A Dynamic BPM tool

Bonita's interface enables the design, execution and optimization of business processes while guaranteeing a crucial level of control, It aims to ensure the continuity of service while facilitating employees work. 

Bonita uses BPMN2 (Business process modelling and notation standard 2.0) which provides a means for teams to define their objectives in a simplified manner, it also allows all business processes to be defined visually. 

Bonita offers a multi-functional solution:

The solution proposed by Bonitasoft offers a wide range of functionalities:

  • Continuous process improvement 

  • Accessible "low code" development tools supporting digital transformation

  • Adaptive case management (optimisation of task management)

  • Use of IA process mining for the detection of information updated in real-time 

  • Automation of all customer processes and applications. 

  • Automation of high-volume, repetitive tasks.

  • Software at the heart of all business sectors, for all types of companies.

Whether it is for mass distribution with an improved purchasing experience, energy, industry, healthcare pharma, financial sector, public sector or telecommunications and media, Bonitasoft offers a multi-purpose experience. 

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