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Intrexx is a low-code development platform which enables rapid yet customized development of various business applications. With Intrexx, business processes can be automated, simplified and adjusted to ever-changing requirements at any time. Data from a wide variety of software systems can be integrated and consolidated. Every employee can therefore obtain all the information they need at any time and in every location. Their daily work is made significantly simpler, the business becomes more flexible and it has a distinct competitive advantage.

Intrexx can be deployed in different use cases, such as:

  • Corporate Intranet
  • Corporate Social Networks and Social Intranets
  • Extranet/B2B portal - as a customer, supplier or partner portal
  • Process automation
  • Industry 4.0 - to keep track of the entire value chain
  • Data integration

Advantages of Intrexx

  • Available on-premise and in the cloud
  • Intrexx solves even highly complex application demands
  • Flexiblity regarding system architecture (DB, OS, Cloud)
  • Certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001
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