WinLassie - le logiciel QHSE: Quality, Health, Safety and Environment software solution

WinLassie is the most comprehensive QHSE software on the market. WinLassie manages all your issues in a unique transverse solution. WinLassie is a standard software fully scalable and configurable.

HSE Management Software

WinLassie is a management solution for health and safety at work.
Created in 1997 initially for the nuclear sector, its 11 complementary and deployable features at your own pace are now used by companies of all sizes and all activity sectors in France and in the world.
WinLassie is recognized as one of the most complete HSE software products on the market. WinLassie is a valuable tool in the acquisition and / or renewal of your certifications and approvals in safety and security.

The different modules present in WinLassie are :

  1. Exposures Management
  2. Risk Assessment / Risq Assessment Dashboard
  3. Accident / Occupational Illness
  4. Equipements
  5. Medical Monitoring
  6. Authorization / training Skills
  7. Managemenet System Safety Through Quality
  8. Collaborative Management
  9. Environment
  10. Operations &QHSE documents
  11. Personnel Management

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Strengths of WinLassie - le logiciel QHSE

  • Certifications: ISO 14001, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001

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Accident at Work Occupational accident
Difficult Working Conditions Identification
Employee Medical Follow-up Medical care at work
Employee Work Environment Management
Management of Obligations
Quality Driven Management System
Risk Management
Risk Mapping
Risks Analysis and Reports

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